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Shortly you will do the meditation and meet your future self (honestly, you will!) but...
How do you get to be your future self - fast and easily - once you have met her?
She is there, in the meditation, embodying everything you want to be...
But you currently have no idea, time or energy of how to get to her!
You're likely to be one, or all, of the following; stuck, trapped, confused, low vibe. You may have lost yourself a little. You know this isn't your destiny, but it's just where you are at now.

You want a way to rationally and spiritually accelerate your life, to the one you know you desire and deserve.

So far, you haven't had a clear vision. You have been aiming for a future self that you haven't been certain of. But now you have met her. Now you know!
"But that woman that you saw in the meditation is soooooo far away!"
And you are wanting to get to her - be her - so much but just feel another wave of overwhelm and disbelief.

You're in this place of uncertainty and low vibe and you are trying to get to this woman who emits every single thing you have always imagined being.

You do! The first few steps are simply mindset shifts. And after the initial learning period these take no time, no energy and no money.

Some days the only thing I could be grateful for was breathing, but I still was determined to live my future self in the present, to get to her quicker.
After years of trying and failing at living a life I desired and deserved, I finally found something...
That something was creating a guided meditation so I could see my future self and have something to aim for.

Then my task was to make this journey as quick and easy as possible so I could share with my clients and other women,

And that is when I created 
The Future Self Acceleration Pack
Would my future self do that?
I have worked with women for years on helping them feel empowered and in control of their own lives.
I was trying to manifest like a crazy woman but was coming from a place of lack and desperation. I was blaming everything around me for stopping me from advancing in my life.

One day, I started to understand the power of the mind and the importance of energy. No matter what was going on around us, we have a power inside of us and we choose how we use it.
Verity Brown
Hey, I am the founder of the SEASALT plan which stands for Stop Existing And Start Actually Living Today (Yes, I love it too!).
Since receiving my true calling 2 years ago, I have been working with women around all areas that fall into the areas of empowerment and mindset.
I left my decade long marketing career, left London and moved back to my hometown by the sea to develop what I knew was the reason I was here in this lifetime.
I love sunsets, Jasmine flowers and the moon and most happy with a book and cup of chai in a big comfy chair.

I believe in the power of future self work so much. It truly has transformed so many women's lives already and I hope it will yours too, because it's about time you start living the life you desire and deserve.

Imagine if within a year you could start to live the life of the woman you desire and deserve to be?
- Living a life of abundance ,
- No longer being lost and knowing who you truly are and what you truly want,
- Living a lifestyle you always dreamed of,
- Not being afraid you be authentic. To be you.

April 2018 vs April 2019
Imagine starting this process today. Imagine if in the next hour you take that first step on that new path of joy and fulfilment. There will be no going back. You will start to become your future self without any doubt.
Imagine living how you want. Whether that be buying that new bag without guilt, booking that 5* holiday without having to book time off work, walking into a party without anxiety. Being able to do what you want when you want and being able to help those close to you, and in the world, who need it.
I would like to introduce to you...
The Future Self Acceleration Pack #behernow
Here is where I am offering this never launched before bundle to help you accelerate from who you are in this moment to your future self.
A 7 day accelerator programme to take you through all the things you need to start on your journey of becoming your future self in the present moment.
Here is everything that is included...
7 day accelerator course
This will be an incredible 7 days of growth, realisations, releasing, breakthroughs, evolving and lifelong lessons that will see you realise your true reality.

Delivered via daily videos, with tasks for you to complete, taking no more than 60 mins each day to start on the path you desire and deserve.

Here is what it looks like...
Day 1 Time, excuses and fear
Day 2 Judgement and jealousy 
Day 3 Your future self, now #behernow
Day 4 Gratitude and daily habits
Day 5 Manifestation and self-belief
Day 6 Visualisation and affirmations
Day 7 Mindset change and inner work
The 10 life changing steps of the SEASALT plan  audio book
This is where it all began.
Stop Existing And Start Actually Living Today.
And here are the 10 principles that everything is built on.
They are sacred, mindset shifts that with practice and habit building will change your life for the better, forever.
And, on this page only, I want to offer you some exclusive bonuses you can't get anywhere else!
Affirmations bundle
I am going to send you the ultimate affirmations to support your acceleration to your future self.
These are in a range of formats so however you best absorb, learn and grow they will be there to remind you each day of the amazing life that is becoming yours.
50 ways to begin today that will cost $0
This has been a game changer for my clients
Any excuses just do not stand with this because they are all things that cost nothing and most things don't take any time or energy either, just simple mindset shifts. The perfect support to the acceleration course.
The 10 life changing steps of the SEASALT plan 
The e-book version of the audio guide that supports this course.
I channelled this information several years ago and it has become the foundation to how I lived my life over the last few years. Yours to read over and over again and support your journey to your future self.
You are getting a course that's worth hundreds of dollars plus lots of other juicy bonuses that I have NEVER offered before!
Once you leave this page, you walk away from accelerating to your future self
Limited Time Offer!
Give A 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
If within 30 days you can prove you have read, listened and watched all the resources - really given it your all - and you don't think it has had a positive impact on your life, you are entitled to a refund. 
Here's the thing...
You could go it alone
You could visualise your future self each morning for 5 minutes and stick a positive affirmation on your fridge - and that would totally help. But only a tiny bit.
I want to provide you with a whole host of tools and techniques to get you accelerating to that future self, starting NOW. Not tomorrow, not next week, but now in this PRESENT MOMENT.
And where a lot of people go wrong is they focus purely on making changes, rather than dealing with mindsets, habits and blocks that they already hold. These need to be released to make space for the good stuff!
You get so much amazing content worth $269 for just $97 plus there is the 30 day guarantee, so if you give it your all and it still isn't for you, you get your money back. There is nothing to lose!
This is the very first launch of this offer and the next time I release it, I am pretty sure the price will double - because that is how much value there is here. Well, there is so much more, but I want to keep it as accessible as possible.

Nothing changes, if nothing changes.

Remember, you can be the woman your desire and deserve to be, starting today...and I am here to help you.

-Verity x
Here's a recap of
When You Purchase The AMAZING Offer!
  •  7 day accelerator course ($149 Value)
  • 10 life changing principles of the SEASALT plan audio book ($47 Value)
  •  10 life changing principles of the SEASALT plan e-book ($47 Value)
  •  Affirmations bundle ($17 Value)
  • 50 days to begin today for $0 ($11 Value)
Total Value: $269
But today, you're getting all of this...
For Only $97
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